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Want to enjoy swimming more – you must meet Shinji Takeuchi

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I love Shinji, he has changed the way that I look at a swimming pool.

This week I had the amazing meditative experience of gliding through the water.  My mind wandered and I watched in disbelief as the tiles glided by 6 feet below me. Occasionally I felt my body tense and the familiar feeling of fighting to get my head out of the water would return.

Back to my mantra – Stretch – Pull – Glide…………….

In a moment I was out of the struggle and back to watching the tiles slide under me. This is so awesome!!

On my first attempt at the Shinji method, I managed to swim 500 meters.

On my second attempt, two days later, I swam one kilometer, without stopping and I could have done more only my son was patiently waiting for me to finish.

Oh, and I have not swum laps for at least 5 years!

“Did you watch me swimming mate?” I blurted at him when I get out of the pool.

“Yep” he casually responded, without a hint of interest, typical of a teenager.

Maybe he would be more impressed if he understood how different this experience was to my history of swimming.

Prior to this week, I hated it.

Every stroke was a fight.  A fight for air, a fight for momentum, a fight for traction in a wet, slippery, world.  It was not fun, it was not a meditative relaxing activity, it sucked.  I had to psych myself up to practice for a couple of weeks just to get through the 500 meter swim that I needed to pass my fitness test.

This week, that all disappeared.

This week was Stretch – Pull – Glide.

I just had to relax and let my arms pull me through the water.  When I got tense, I struggled. When I relaxed, I slipped back into the meditative beauty of effortless movement.  I am no Shinji, not yet, but I am not the thrashing machine that I was the week before.

More than anything, this week has taught me that I can learn very very fast, even if it is something that I have been doing all of my life.

I just need to deconstruct the the activity and sequence the learning.  This was so simple and it is crazy to think how much I have struggled to swim in the past.  So what is next, what else can I learn in super fast time?

Thankyou Tim Ferris! Check out Tim’s book, The 4-Hour Chef where you can find everything that you need to know about meta learning or learning super fast!  Tim describes this book as a book on meta learning disguised as a cook book.  Well, I just learnt how to swim  from this cook book – so I guess he is right.

And here is Shinji Takeuchi in all of his elegance.  Enjoy : )

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