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Why we shouldn’t fear Dietary Cholesterol

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We NEED cholesterol.

In an article by Luke Cafferty author at Positive Health Wellness (link below) he sheds light on how important Cholesterol is in the body.

Cholesterol is an organic molecule that has a fatty, wax-like texture that we (we as in humans) cannot live without.

It is an integral component that makes up the cellular membrane lining every single cell within the human body. Cholesterol allows the cellular membrane to maintain a structure that is fluid, while also keeping the delicate balance between extracellular fluid and intracellular fluid constant.

Additionally, cholesterol is a key component in the production of hormones such as testosterone, oestrogen, and cortisol.

Due to the essential role that cholesterol plays in our bodies, we have developed some extremely effective mechanisms to produce cholesterol at a cellular level. The amount of cholesterol we produce significantly outweighs the amount of dietary cholesterol we could consume daily.   

Please read the last sentence again and then consider this.  Our bodies regulate the amount of Cholesterol in our body.  Consume less Cholesterol by reducing the amount of saturated fat in our diets and our body compensates by producing more Cholesterol. So why then do Doctors prescribe Statin medication to reduce cholesterol?  Statin medications that have serious side effects with the aim of altering the bodies natural process to regulate cholesterol.

The real culprits that cause cardiovascular disease are identified below, but if you want to really learn about the role that cholesterol plays in the body, you must read Cholesterol Clarity.

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The article above continues…….

Recent research has suggested that dietary cholesterol does not influence blood cholesterol levels negatively, and the consumption of foods naturally high in both cholesterol and saturated fat (such as eggs) can increase blood HDL levels, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Highly processed oils and sugars appear to be the real culprits, both of which have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

As such, we should try to avoid eating highly processed foods, and should aim to increase our consumption of naturally occurring foods such as vegetables, dairy, and other meat based products as a way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease!

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