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Keto – Keep it simple and just start.

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I was reminded today of the need to keep things simple.

If you’re struggling to change your diet, just pick one meal like breakfast, and make the change you want to make there.

Review this list and just pick something for breakfast.

My goto meal is bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado and spinach or fresh mushrooms cooked in coconut oil.

I used to think that there was no way I could start the day without fruit toast and jam.

Now it is an easy decision.

One day a week, I can eat as much fruit toast, almond croissants, crepes or whatever else I like.

The other six days I eat:

Bacon and eggs for breakfast (if I don’t have butter coffee – see earlier post)

Lunch is protein (usually a tin of Tuna or leftover dinner from the night before), salad and sour cream.

Dinner is steak/chicken/salmon with a creamy sauce and green veges.

It is super easy.

It is super tasty.

You won’t get hungry.

You will lose weight and preserve muscle.

Let’s do this – what is the worst thing that can happen?

If you want tomorrow to be different, you have to do something different today!

So let us experiment, starting today.

The 4 week Experiment in weekly steps:

Week 1:

Jump on the scales and look in the mirror, take a photo. This is your start point.

Change to Keto breakfast and eat it for 6 days.

Pick a Treat Day. I use Saturday. Eat every treat that you have wanted all week. My Day looks like this, almond crossaints x 2 for breaky, 2 doughnuts for morning tea, crepe and icecream for lunch or bread platter, pasta for dinner followed by Churos and Icecream or Brownies and icecream.  Enjoy – I look forward to Saturdays so much.

Week 2:

Continue Keto breakfast.

Start Keto lunch.

Enjoy treat day!

Week 3:

Continue Keto breakfast.

Continue Keto lunch.

Start Keto dinner.

Enjoy treat day!

Week 4:

Continue Keto breakfast.

Continue Keto lunch.

Continue Keto dinner.

Jump on the scales just before Treat Day – yep amazing Hey. Seriously, how easy was that!

Please tell me how you went – I will cheer you on!

Just keep it super simple and change your life in 4 short weeks.

Read Keto Clarity or listen to it for the full 4 weeks. Reread/relisten to it if you finish – it is inspiring hearing the experts talk about what you are doing and how your body is changing in response to your diet.

Start your experiment today!

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