Cholesterol is good for you

How can this be true?  All we hear is Cholesterol will clog your arteries a lead to heart disease.  So what has changed?

Well, questions are being asked, historical research results are being challenged and the evidence is mounting.

For starters, did you know 3/4 of the cholesterol found in our blood is produced by the liver.  Really!  Then why are we told that foods high in saturated fats should be reduced from our diet?  Does that seem strange to you?

Cholesterol  never used to concern me, but after my last check up with my Doctor, it has become an issue.  I must admit that I knew nothing about Cholesterol other than it was in my blood and as long as the numbers were in the range, the Doc was happy and I had nothing to worry about.

But now, the Doc was not happy and unless I did something about it, medication was coming next.

Medication in the form of a Statin, the Cholesterol lowing drug with horrendous side effects like memory loss, muscle and joint pain topping the long list.

At this point I was seriously confused.

Firstly, every other result on my test had been in the perfect range.  According to these overall results, I was a  healthy 47 year old male.  Were these  Cholesterol numbers really of concern to me if everything else was great?  And were they bad enough for me to take a drug with serious side effects.

Secondly, I was eating very healthy.  In the last 12 months I had removed all processed carbohydrates from my diet.  Now my diet consisted of moderate protein and fats and heaps of salad and vegetables.  Well, this was true except on Saturdays when I eat whatever I feel like.

I walked out of the Doctors surgery determined to learn everything that I could about Cholesterol. I wanted to be able to make informed decisions!

I want to share what I have learnt with you, it will change your life.

If you or anyone you know has ever had a Cholesterol issue, or issue with weight gain or dietary concerns, this blog is a must.

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Live life and have fun.


Don McKay





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